Just listing down a few things that I've been thinking about the past few days; small things that rubbed me the wrong way or sparked some interest; controversial things, maybe, that I feel aren't too much of a big deal.

  1. On Facebook, I had a friend who wrote about her visits to the OB-GYN and how she was uncomfortable and disappointed about how the people in the waiting room immediately seem to judge her. How easy it is for them to assume that she is just another teenage mom--another whore/failure/disgrace (I'm not even exaggerating because this is how absurd Filipino people can get when it comes to non-conservative lifestyles)--when in fact, she was just going to the doctor because of female-limited problems. Something about the hormones and the period.
    • Filipinos really need to wrap their heads around reproductive health. Filipino women need to come to terms with the fact that their vaginas--the bodies that their God had given them--are special snowflakes that need care. Women in the Philippines are already treated like baby machines because of the whole poverty -> drinking/abusive/controlling husbands -> too much sex pattern.

      Stop being so fucking insecure and judgmental about the women who actually give a fuck about themselves.
    • The other thing that bugged me was how easily one of the commenters on my friend's post said something along the lines of "Your hormones aren't erratic. It's just a phase you'll grow out of!" and of course he had to throw in "I'll pray for you!". And yes, this was coming from a boy who knows not of the severity of extreme menstrual cramps. Yes this was a boy who may have the best intentions for my friend. But no, this was not a boy who knows how messed up women can get because of genetic bullshit that fucks up our systems.

      Perhaps he did do his research before commenting or whatever, I just found it terribly ignorant of him. There's a difference between being hopeful/helpful and being smart about something.
    • Conclusion: I read an article about Filipino society dealing about depression once. The author mentioned how families immediately dismiss symptoms of depression as ploys for attention. The blame is immediately put on the person; no one ever actually tries to talk to these people or ask what's wrong before they judge. The closed-mindedness of this country pisses me the fuck off because no one gives a shit about the sick because everyone leaves them to the will of "the Lord" or just shrugs it off as a phase when it actually has the potential to become a life-threatening, debilitating issue.

      In short, I think it'd be great if we could do a little research before diagnosing something as a phase or misjudging someone's character.
  2. This following public service announcement is not directed toward anyone in particular but more toward fandoms in general. No particular events or instances brought this up, just pure observation on my part. 
    There is a difference between being a devoted fan, a terrifyingly devoted fan, and being an elitist. There are ways to share and spazz and love your cartoon/comic/anime/series/etc. without having to go so far as fighting about it and severing friendships; without having to become culturally insensitive; without belittling someone for not sharing the same headcanons or not knowing as much as you regarding certain things in the media you're so madly in love with.

    Take a look at the Hetalia fandom, for example. It started out as a whole bunch of people who were charmed by the characters and their relationships (and of course the fun historical trivia here and there), but somehow, in it's own special way, a great chunk of the fans have become greatly ignorant and insensitive about culture going so far as to spawn Nazi fangirls. What bugs me even more is that these kids are using freedom of expression and the like to excuse this behavior when, in the end, there is
    never an excuse for cultural insensitivity.

    It frustrates me greatly when friendships are forever shattered because of a work of motherfucking fiction. Just be fucking mature about it and don't cause any unnecessary drama; just because you have different opinions does not fucking mean that you need to act like kids who don't want to give up their spot on the swing. Jesus Christ, guys. Fucking talk about it in a civilized manner; calm or not, just don't fucking fight about your fiction. You're given the right to an imagination of your own and no one has the power to take that away from you just as long as you're not hurting anyone. If you really can't get along because of this, then fine, stop being friends but be mature about it.
That's it for now. There're some other things that were getting on my nerves but I can't seem to bring them to mind.

Anyway, I apologize if this post isn't as fantastic as the previous ones, but I just needed to let off some steam. Thanks for reading!


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