You may have heard of "National Novel Writing Month" or simply, NaNoWriMo, and maybe you've even heard of the NaNoMangO which doesn't have any real meaning (it's a reference to Japanese manga if I'm correct; it's a page-a-day for a month sequential art project), but have you ever heard of NaBloPoMo? Because I sure hadn't!

Ahh, the majestic NaNoRhino. A creature that eats a lot of grass and
occasionally feeds on the souls of  foolish NaNoWriMo participants.
I never got to finish a single novel in the 7? 8? Years that I attempted to participate, but planning out what to write seemed to sap me of any motivation to continue; those plots will always be full-fledged novels in my mind. I even attempted to join NaNoMangO, if I remember correctly. All my favorite artists were jumping on the bandwagon so I, being a silly little high schooler, hopped aboard as well. I fell off rather quickly though. Man, I love comics, but I'm shit at actually making them. Perhaps if I took a page out of XKCD's book? But then again, I'm not witty enough to pull off writing comic strips either. This year, however, I'd like to think that I'll succeed this time around. It's not a novel, nor is it a short comic, but updating my blog every day for 30 days (supposedly for the entirety of June, but I'm a little late to the party) seems like a fun and achievable task.

From what I saw, this month's theme revolves around the word:

That girl didn't fall, she was just taking a shortcut.
Asymmetr-- JUMP!

I'm not too sure as to what I'll be writing just yet, but I promise to keep them fun and interesting! I'll be checking out the June prompts as well so this blog might start to become more "artsy-deep-hipster literature", but we'll never know until we try! I'd like to point out though, that I'm staying true to the theme because this entry is celebrating my JUMP into the NaBloPoMo universe!

If any other participants stumble upon my blog, please leave your own blog in the comments. I'd love, love, love to see what you guys are up to all month. But now, I've got to get some rest because this week is getting a little too hectic for my tastes and I don't even have classes yet :T.

Bye guys! See ya'll soon~!


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