Once again, unfortunately, you'll have to wait for me to post the hair transformation post another day because I've got something more exciting to talk about! Not that my hair is boring or anything; it's been changing colors lately so it's pretty darn cool, teehee. But that's not the point. If you take a look at this entry's title, you can guess that what I'm going to be talking about is...

This won't work well with wedges, I think
Okay fine, I haven't done any research about that so I can assure you that I'm not talking about those at all. What we're really going to be talking about are my shoes, and most especially Asianvogue's shoes (my favorite pair/s, to be exact); to start this off, I'd like you to take a look at my "shoe closet". 

So organized, right?
Until recently, I was never really one to care about my shoes. In high school, I had destroyed so many pairs because of all my running through the shit terrain that composed this huge field outside our classrooms. Thinking about it now though, I was a very terrible and dorky otaku in high school so fashion didn't really interest me at all (until I got a boyfriend and my lady hormones finally decided to show up). Sad to say, while I love looking at shoes (and buying them, of course), I still have a hard time choosing pairs that work for me, much less taking care of them!

M&S Footgloves, I think? They're those wedge-type ballet flat kinda shoes. 
Take those shoes, for example. My mom "lent" them to me since I really had no decent pairs, and when she did, I totally loved them. Super soft and ultra-comfy to wear, I wore these shoes with almost everything I wore back in late high school-early college until the front parts slowly started to degrade. If it wasn't for puddles/rain/>insert water here<, these might've lasted longer, but with all my running and all the rocky roads and "sidewalks" in this country, it wouldn't have made too much of a difference. I still wear those shoes from time to time, but last time I did, they fucked up my feet with blisters and overall soreness.

Shiny, glossy shoes that are perfect for semi-formal occasions! I
 think I got these somewhere in Greenhills. Not the tiangge though.
These shoes that I picked with my mom were only ever used when I had some sort of happening, well, happening. They were made of some kind of firm material so they fit very well at first, but when my default black flats started to stink up like crazy (tmi, I know), I turned to these! I don't think these were meant for my lifestyle so, as you can see, the tips are quite worn out. They also tend to slip off now since they've become loose, so they sound like flip-flops sometimes.

Blue wedges from the Greenhills tiangge, Yellow flats from Tomato
Oh man, I really loved the blue shoes but the straw/fibrous things that comprise the wedge--I forgot what you called these kinds of shoes--started to come off and exposed the black wedge heel underneath. Also, the striped fabric has started to come off and the overall shape of the shoe has started to warp because of overuse and, I guess, weather conditions. The yellow ones, while not as obvious here, are really fucking dirty because of this time I got drunk and slipped in the mud. I've tried cleaning them but it's not really doing much, tbh. They're also quite loose now huhu.

House slippers I stole from my mom
I haven't had these for too long but look! Already the straps look like they're about to come off. Maybe since they're a little too big for me they flip and flop around too much. Hnngh. Good thing I've got another pair of slippers (but they aren't as cute as these!)

More shoes, lah
HAHA, it's a complete mess. Some of these shoes aren't even worn anymore because they're so ugly and don't match any of my clothes. Some are just old and broken /sigh. What's cool though, is that this country is so fucking full of places to buy shoes! From cheap shoes ugly shoes, expensive-ass pretty ones, and everything in between, Metro Manila will never run out of shoe stores. Another cool thing about the Philippines-- or well, Filipinos, is that when Multiply became such a huge hit, online shopping also started to bloom as well; cyberspace will not escape the Filipina's desire for shoes.

To be honest, I was never much of a Multiply person until I found out that quite a few of my friends bought a lot of stylish clothes and shoes off the brand new Multiply Marketplace! After checking it out for the first time, looking for "Asian/Korean/Japanese" clothes, I seemed to have stumbled upon Asianvogue! At the time, I wasn't really into shoes, but lately, oh man, looking at it again, I realized how fucking amazing shoes can really be.

I have young Desiree of the Homestuck PH group to thank for reintroducing me to Asianvogue. It's really quite smart of her to check this store out for shoes to use for cosplay! But of course, while we did find some great pairs to use for our future plans, after looking around some more, oh my god, somewhere inside of me, a tiny fashion diva started freaking out and shit. EVERYTHING LOOKED SO GOOD MAN. My current shoe collection is so crazy pathetic-- I was fucking enchanted.


Click here for more info
SO CUTE RIGHT? OH MAN. If I wasn't so fucking broke right now, I would've already filled up the order form and pre-ordered these babies right-fucking-away. I don't really know what clothes to wear these with (I've got a couple ideas), but man, just having these cuties in my closet will make me the happiest girl in the country. I've been slowly wrapping my head around sexy pumps and stilettos, but wedges--especially adorable, colorful ones like these--will always be my favorites. They give you the height you get from heels, but give you a whole lot more comfort! Hnngh, I'll need so much poise and shit to pull these off.

Here are my other two favorites:

Here and here, respectively
Man, I'm such a sucker for stylin' wedges.

This is how our relationship would be if I was rich.
Anyway, the lovely Asianvogue Store is actually having is actually on its 3rd year so 


to the lady/ladies/boy/s who run the lovely store! When I get more money, expect me to buy a fuckton from you for sure. Or, you know, I could always win that raffle, teyhey. COME ON "THE SECRET", DON'T FAIL ME NOW.

If any of you guys are interested in buying from Asianvogue, you can click on the badge to your lower right, in the Links section, or check them out on FB here, visit their tumblr here, and you can check out their Twitter over here! And if you're curious about that raffle I mentioned, here's a link to the 3rd Anniversary Giveaway's details! Good luck to all of us who enter, and may whoever wins choose her shoes wisely~


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