Welcome to my humble abode, I guess.
Okay, maybe not an abode or anything, but I'll be blogging here! And I mean cohesively blogging about more or less positive aspects of my life. Whether they range from me just living my life as a bum, learning how to do make up, cooking perhaps? Maybe even some bits of my music! It all really depends. We'll see where the wind blows us and maybe I'll end up as fantabulous as my idol, Xiaxue one day (•‿•) ♥! [halata bang nagpaparinig? fffff]

I'm new to this whole Blogspot deal so bear with me while I work out a few kinks with the layouts and the posting and the whole shebang, really (I really hate how widely spaced everything is hfajkldghjkdg--gotta figure out how to design this shit, soon). Anyhuwei, for now, if any of you are interested in my life or, well, my interests, feel free to check out my tumblr or my twitter for more information or something.

Uhh, well following the lead of many popular bloggers, let me end this wonderfully informational post with a photo of yours truly at her best and at her worst just so we get to know each other a teensy bit better. Okay, well, not really. More like just so this thing doesn't end on such a plain and tl;dr note.

Here, have some of my cooking. It's not a potato or egg dish!

ON TO THE VANITY です!        
Haha, this got a lot of likes on FB because of the cleavage. You assholes ಥ◡ಥI was so happy when I got this down. My pelvis kept locking!
L: Attempting to be gyaru with freshly bought Saizen lashes and make-up
R: Finally got to go back to pole and I learned a new (painful) trick!

L: Did some modelling for Dulcet (Manila)'s Summer 2012 collection! I hope I did their stuff justice!
R: First real modelling gig with The Amazing Playground! Such cool clothes, even cooler people 

O, 'san ka pa? Here's the lovely EJ
who got me that gig in the first place
But of course, as many of my friends know--especially those with Facebook accounts--I'm not as poised and pretty as these pictures make me seem. Just so we get it out of the way, I'm going to shove shitty webcam photos of myself into this introductory blog entry just so you guys know that I'm a regular girl with a twisted sense of humor and a twisted face (´・ω・`).

And for the pièce de résistance...

Good morning/evening! Have a good day!


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You are about to witness Angela Emmanuelle's attempts at becoming "a real girl". Please prepare yourself for a gratuitous amount of camwhoring as I venture into the worlds of fashion, food, and lifestyle-- actually, you're just really going to see what it is that I do in my spare time, so be prepared to be exposed to a whole lot of craziness, and hopefully, a whole lot of fun.


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