For the graduation of the University of the Philippines' Mass Communication students, I believe, the almighty musician, writer, satirist(?), weatherman, Lourd de Veyra was invited to give a speech. Personally, I'm one of the many Metro Manilans who can't fucking understand my own native tongue with 100% fluency, but I'm proud to say that I understand it more than most--I'm getting off track. Anyway, the speech was amazing, in my opinion. Maybe it wasn't the most fluid thing out there, but like this one guy said on the Interaksyon site where the full, unadulterated speech was posted, it was "refreshing" (to say the least).

Seawater mean? (hohoho, so punny! Witting-witty! Parang si Lourd lang, chos.)

I don't know about you guys, but I can't really take sermon-y speeches seriously. You know how some church homilies are just out there to guilt trip you into accepting that you haven't been a good Catholic? And how, every now and then (I get a little bit lonely and you're--), there are some priests who do their best to make everyone feel like they're on the same page and shit? Lourd reminded me of the fun priests by delivering a speech--or well, writing a speech--that didn't put him on a pedestal, if that makes any sense.

I kinda feel like I'm writing for Cracked.  

What I'm trying to say is that I really think Lourd, by reading his speech so naturally and very much like he was reciting one of his song...mmentaries, it gives the audience a sense of comfort (even if you can't really hear what he's trying to say or understand the references). And comfort encourages better listening, right? Who wants to listen to a fucking sermon in the fucking heat wearing itchy clothes in the middle of what seems to be(?) the hottest summer in this country's history? I really wouldn't. I've never fake!fainted before but I'd be willing to try it if I was irked enough.

HEMMINGWAY, back to the point which wasn't really meant to critique his speech-giving skills, but to talk about what I found so wonderfully enthralling. Was that redundant? If it was, it was for emphasis because I really, really enjoyed it. Some people might criticize me for not (completely) understanding what he was saying or how I only like Lourd because of his music (who wouldn't like his music anyway, man?) but, idk guys, it was definitely inspiring for me.

"Sa Batch 2012, congratulations at good luck, at sana ay huwag kayong makaapak ng
tae ng kalabaw sa landas niyong tatahakin. Kung sakali man, sumayaw ka na lang."
That might not make sense unless you heard the speech, so let me just throw in a block quote for you:
May paborito akong kasabihan mula sa idolo kong nobelistang si Kurt Vonnegut. “Unannounced changes in life’s itinerary are like dancing lessons from God.” Napakagandang ideya. Napaka-akmang metapora. Dancing lesson.
Sa dancing lesson, wala kang ibang pwedeng gawin kundi sumunod. Pag hinila ka dito, sunod ka na lang. Pag binaba ka, bumaba ka rin. Pag hinagis ka, magpagaan ka ng katawan.
Susugan din ito ng isa pang quote mula kay Voltaire: “I refuse to believe in a God who does not know how to dance.” Ang pagsayaw ay isang ekspresyon ng ligaya, ng laro, ng kalayaan ng katawan at diwa na mayroon pa ring sistema. Pero ako mismo ay literal na hindi marunong sumayaw.
The whole bit about stepping in Carabao shit refers to the poem "Nakatingin sa Bituin" by Jose F. Lacaba which he recited before ending his speech. Perhaps I misinterpreted it, but I feel that it was talking about--don't worry, I'll spare you the literary analysis--life and how things may seem bleak; how things won't go your way, but if you take note of the good stuff that lurks in the darkness, it's a good motivator. However, we must be vigilant. By lusting after all the beauty in the world, we tend to forget to keep our feet on the ground--

It's quite difficult to summarize. I've never been really good at keeping things short so just think about it. The persona in the poem gets lost in the stars; mystified as they light up the night sky in the absence of the moon; but forgets that he remains on the ground. After all, he's just human. The consequence? He steps in shit.

Do you see it yet? I hope I made sense.

Lourd's advice, though many others have given the same (it's great stuff, guys), reminds all who hear it to enjoy life and all its wonders; to maintain a sort of childlike interest--an active imagination--without forgetting to watch yourself. It's a vicious world out there. Lourd advises the graduates to learn how to make the greatest tasting coffee because he knows that it's important to know how to serve. He was right by saying that we should accept being told to do menial tasks because not everyone has the charisma or the power to nab such high positions in the work force right after graduation. Let me reiterate (repeat? Explain? Idk), it's possible, but it's not for everyone.

Maging barista kaya ako?
Humility is a great thing, guys. I need to work on mine, what with my self-absorbedness rearing its ugly head when problems arise, but at least I'm learning how to balance being proud of my accomplishments and being humble enough to realize that there will always be people better than me. An issue that I'm slowly, but surely beginning to accept. It all comes down to balance in the end, don't you agree? Success won't really come to those who push themselves too hard without rest. That's why hard workers who lose to people who put in less effort (or seem to do so, at least) find it so difficult to accept their defeat (like me, for example).

My personality, behaviors, habits, attitudes--the whole shebang--have always been kind of bipolar. From sociable and extroverted to depressing and introverted, it's too easy (and too natural) for me to shift. It's difficult and sometimes even painful to stay find and stay in middle ground. Sometimes I wish I could be as neutral as my mermaid lover! He's got the right amount of not-afraid-to-tell-you-how-it-is and lol-it's-not-my-problem, while I, on the other hand, am too-afraid-to-speak-up and have a little too much of awshit-your-battles-are-my-battles-too-bro.

Look at that guy. Sleeps like a fucking cat. Also, he might be related
to Lourd sothat's how I'm justifying this strategically placed photo.

To cap it all off, I guess I just want to say that I'm definitely going to try and keep Lourd's insights in mind despite me not being the desired audience. Or well, you know, not being a graduate or a UP Maroon. I've got a lot of emotional drama and instability you can check it out on my tumblr or something if you're interested in finding out why I'm so bent on bettering myself. I'm not gonna bother linking to it again since it's kind of embarrassing ///. Finally, I'm going to leave you guys with a blurry webcam picture of my slightly burnt wrist.

It's not as red or blistery now though. My wrist kept sticking to the
poles so spinning was super painful earlier. I was cramping up too ):

Good Night Everynyan (´・ω・`)


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