Just a short filler post before I get to posting that hair article (oh god); here's some of the stuff I've been up to in the past...week, I believe? Yeah, I'm pretty sure all of this stuff happened last week. Okay, so maybe not this past week, but last week. You get the picture. OHOHO, get it? 'cause this post is just gonna be full of pictures of random things I was able to capture throughout those days! So witty, lah! So puntastic, desu!

Okay, seriously:

Dani the baby, spacing out in the cutiest-patootiest dress ever
That picture was taken on the way to my voice workshop/lesson thing courtesy of the 2012 Blue Repertory Core, teehee! Man, I never realized how little my control over my voice had become. Ever since I stopped taking formal voice lessons, I've been doing weird pop-y, jazz-y kulots and vibratos and scoops-- it's kind of gross to listen to sometimes.

It's Jodie struttin' her stuff in a hat that's way too big
My lovely niece on her regular Thursday visit to our house! She's already 4 years old, man. It's crazy how time just seems to zip by. I was, what, 15 or 16 when she was born? She made the cutest faces when she had to poop! Oh man, I have to dig that picture up. It's really cool how babies change appearances as they grow--it's like they're shapeshifting over and over and over. But then again, we never really stop shapeshifting do we?

Shots of my first game of Journey at Tasha's house!
GOD GUYS, IF THERE'S A GAME YOU NEED TO BUY, IT'S JOURNEY FOR THE PS3 via the PSN. I need to save up for this because, oh my GOD. It was such a wonderful emotional investment. It was so fulfilling to encounter your first companion; so painful to lose him or her for the first time. I felt bad that I lost my first friend because of my impatience and the lack of proper communication, but at least I didn't finish it alone.

To Star-Shine, if you find this, it was totes fun drawing that endless DNA sample with you on our way out ;Q;! /cry
She-who-cannot-be-named-on-the-internet because her
parents can't know about her poledancing activities.
My lovely friend,                  ,, executing a pretty good "Dreamgirl" pose. Lower your hands a bit more next time, babe! Payat mo na, girl. Nakakataranta!

Look ma! I'm a flag!
Forgive the blur, that photo was supposed to be of me holding the position and not getting into it, but that's more or less what it's supposed to look like~

And finally, this is what I cooked for my breakfast yesterday: 

Oh god, I want this in my tummy again.
My yaya left for her vacation so we're to fend for ourselves while she's gone. My mom cooked most of our meals for the past few days because of our laziness, but this time, I wanted to give it a try. I made a pretty decent Spam + Parmesan + Mozzarella omelette and it was totes delicious even though I couldn't fold the egg properly. NNNNGH, I'd make more but there aren't any eggs anymore /wrist.

Hold on a little longer guys, the hair post is coming up next, but for now, I hope you enjoyed these pictures~


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