After much postponing and procrastination, you guys, my lovely, lovely readers, are going to see my hair's transformation. Keep in mind though, this isn't going to chronicle my long hair-short hair adventures. Just the most recent (and awesome) one which had me go to the Basement Salon (Rockwell branch) with my mother; a very impromptu decision that I do not regret at all! I heard everything I had done was kind of pricey in total, but in order to respect my mom, I didn't bother asking. If it's free, why complain right?

But enough about that, you guys need to see what went on, not read about it. 


Went a little nuts with the GIFs, this time around.

As you can see above, my hair went through a lot this summer; bleached it around...four times, I believe! 

After a few weeks of really brassy, jeje-looking hair, I put some blue food coloring in my HBC/Hortaleza Virgin Coconut Oil Shampoo to substitute actual toner, and it made my hair a lot less shiny (check out the camwhore photo at Momo's--it's somewhere in the earlier entries, I think). Finally, one day, my mom decides to take me with her to Basement to get my haircut fixed and with a little coercion, she agreed to let me have my hair bleached by ~*~*~the professionals~*~*~.

I realized too late that going to the salon would make a great blog entry so I don't have any legit interior shots. I do have this to say though: Basement has a very homey-kinda-DIY-kinda-grunge-y feel to it that I really liked. All the wood and fauna made you feel really cozy, and the abstract art was a great touch; I especially liked how everything was so neat and sharp to look at (not in a pointy way) because it gave the place a sleek, modern appearance despite the natural elements.

Let's move on to the progress/process shots:

First batch of bleach!

Dude, that machine hovering above my head was the neatest thing. You know how in most salons/TV shows, ladies usually have those huge domes covering their heads? Basement uses this machine that has a huge circle rotate around your head for maximum-coverage (I'm assuming). It was like my mind was being probed without actual contact; it was a very Sci-fi experience.

Close-up of the first bleaching process.
First bleach after rinsing
And now for the roots!

I was actually very, very pleased with that hair color already; I liked the platinum-Malfoy blonde because it looked quite good on me and looked like a very gyaru color as well. Manfred, our awesome hairstylist (is that what you call them), had another thing in mind though! Perhaps some of you are thinking, "What kind of dumbass doesn't complain or speak up when their satisfied with the result already?", and I agree that it was silly of me to not have specified or whatever, but you're about to see what Manfred had in store for me!

But first, have a picture of my mom getting her roots rinsed!

Back to me:

And a new X...X-Man? X-Member? Is born!

That's right kids, that isn't photoshop, that's my hair. It was pretty fuckin' silver. Or well, really pale-ass pearl blonde with some anti-yellow agent.

Letting Manfred rock the scissors, while I camwhore.

After the haircut (or before) the haircut, I was subjected to a much-needed Keratin treatment that revitalized my damaged hair. Interestingly enough, they seemed kinda impressed that my hair was still sturdy after all the bleaching I put it through. The lady who did my mom's roots was really worried about my scalp getting burnt as well. I pushed through though! When I bleached at home it just itched, but at Basement, where it was done properly, it felt like a whole lot of Salonpas was pasted onto my head; kinda cool and kinda scalding, just the way I like it.

Excited for the end result? Well, here it is (+ a before shot):

Taken before Momo's despedida

Goodbye jeje/Zonrox-ed hair, hello Storm! Well, actually, I've had to say goodbye to Storm after 2-3 days because my hair started to yellow a little. Don't worry though, I still look like a very special snowflake and I think I'll be getting my hair retouched after my roots grow out a little more. To anyone who's thinking about getting a haircut at Basement, whether at Eastwood, EDSA Shangri-la, or Powerplant, I totally recommend it. The staff are skilled at what they do and they're very friendly to boot! How I wish I was actually being sponsored to say these things, haha~

Anyway, that's all I had to show you guys. You're probably underwhelmed so let me just leave my regular pole photo for today and I'm off:

I'll be hangin' around if you need me!

Headed home~


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