First thing's first!

I had the greatest (and most emotionally distressing) weekend last April 27th-29th with a few of the people I had spent a great deal of time with in the past year until the earlier parts of this year. It was kinda nuts because I was swinging back and forth between insanely depressed to frighteningly happy but I was able to balance everything somehow. Avengers on Friday, Villa Escudero Saturday to Sunday--it was all quite fun and maybe even worth the stress!

So let's talk about the first thing that was on my Weekend To-Do list: my cavities getting filled and my first experiences with Novocain Watched Avengers with a whole bunch of friends! It was exciting, I guess, since everyone had been raving and practically orgasming on the Internet because of this movie so my body was totally ready for this supposedly OMGSOGOODWTF blockbuster of the year. In the end though, I was just...okay with it?

Tony Stark says "Stop! The overhyping!"

To be completely honest, my dentist trip earlier that day was a whole lot more exciting. It was funny though and the visuals were spectacular (better than X-Men: First Class which we re-watched at the villa for Donna who had not seen the fabulous faggotry-- pardon my French-- friendship), but I mean, come on guys, it's no groundbreaker. It was well-written though. I could definitely appreciate how they stitched all the separate stories into one cohesive thing, but as someone who isn't much of a Western Comic reader (I can't really distinguish Marvel from DC) I'm unable to achieve fangasm. Sorry guys, call me a hipster, but it really wasn't anything special.

After the movie, everyone said their goodbyes; some had dinner at McDonald's while my lovely group
decided to head on over to my place for the pre-Villa sleepover! Sad to say, I don't really have any pictures of this part of the adventure, but it was just comprised of Daryl playing MW3, Phoebe (this is a boy, by the way) trying to sleep while playing hipster music, and Tomo and I unintentionally dozing off until around 9 AM the next morning.

While the call time to get to my place was originally 10 AM and Nikki, Donna, and Dani the baby were quite punctual, Emile, Mon, and Peter had arrived late. Oh! But wait--

No one's gonna wanna look for
you if you make that face, girl.

So, well, as you can see here, Emile had forgotten to pick up Patsy on his way to my house so we had to wait for him to pick her up and get back to the house. The Bulacan Babes + Baby decided to seize the day and take their naps:

Tried to make it look spooky, but lol /fail.
Shoulda blingee'd it up instead!

DaNikki: A Modern Madonna and Child
SO. After a whole lotta slow moving and delays, we finally set out at around 11:30 - 12 and made our way to Laguna. Frustratingly enough, what is usually a 2-3 hour ride from my house, became a 4 and 1/2 hour ride of terrible traffic traversing so when we arrived, the free gulaman at the reception area was a definite treat for my exhausted guests. We got our stuff and made our way to the Carabao cart that just arrived and soon after, we were being brought to the resort area. Too bad the usual serenaders that sat at the back row weren't there! I loved sitting with them as a kid and pretending that I knew the music they were playing herp (´∩`。).

I don't really have a lot of pictures of our stay so I'm just gonna post some of what I stole from Nikki's FB album. In short though, we had a lot of fun despite a few dramatic hitches. Hopefully the next time we go back will be flawless and everyone will finally stop being lazy and get on the fucking rafts! It's been forever since I got on one of them, tbh, but I would've gone if more people went! Also, it was kind of refreshing to go back to the actual resort since a lot had changed since I stayed with my block last year. Great to know that the new Cafe Indigo had speedy WiFi (Emile was able to enjoy the Guild Wars 2 Beta just fine) and tasty drinks with matching adoraburu coffee art (there were plastic coffee glass-thing-whatevers with the resort's logo on it! Talk about asenso!).

Come Sunday, we had to check out by 4 PM, but that was definitely not the end of our little Villa vacation. After putting our stuff in the cars, I brought everyone to the family museum just before it closed for the day and, to my surprise, they had more fun than I imagined they would have. Donna and Emile were going nuts over the ridonkulous collection that my family's amassed over the years-- I was kind of impressed too, since I've always made it a point to make a hasty escape from the museum since it's super creepy for me.

Don't let the MMDA pink fool you! It's not fun being alone in this place! (Photo courtesy: Flickr)
Last on the list of things to do at the Villa was to do my routine relatives round about the residential area, but of course, before I split with the group I took them to our rinky-dink house. We share the lot with my aunt so I had to keep everyone quiet so as to not disturb them. To my surprise, the field was crazy wild and Gucci the Iguana apparently moved out of the resort into our area. The amount of flora and fauna in our lot is crazy, but as maarte as I am, I wouldn't have it any other way (well, maybe if there were less bugs and a little more lighting at night, I'd be happier; I'm so tired of swatting away gamugamo when I'm eating dinner/trying to sleep in our house).

Dani and I having a moment in the field by my family's house

Taking Peter and Daryl with me as I hunt down my relatives

Before we left, we had a little photoshoot in the field full of war memorabilia then we finally head on home at around 6 - 6:30 PM.

Sentai formation with a Japanese soldier statue kinna thing.
The Straight Man's Lament. Or well, not really.
And to cap it all off, an obligatory group photo "taken by" Dani
And that's that I guess! I got home at around 10:30 - 11 I think, but I can't really remember. Anyway, let me end this post with an obligatory pole photo!

So painful, lah. This fucking ballerina pose hurt my shoulder hakjhdlkadsh.
Looks great in the air though! Need more practice~


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